Page Meta

Each page can contain optional meta data about the page. This is useful when you need the page to have a different Title than the file name. The meta data will also let you override the last modified date of the page. The meta data should be written in YAML.

  • Title - This variable will override the title based on the file name.
  • Description - This variable will give lunr a description to search on.
  • Sort - This variable will affect the sorting of the pages inside the category.
  • ShowOnHome - Optional. If false, page won't be listed on the home page. Default behavior can be changed through config.show_on_home_default.
  • Modified - This variable will override the modified date based on the file name.
    • This should be in full ISO 8601 format including Time and Timezone offset.

Before version 0.11.0 these meta blocks could only be HTML comments (/* */).
Starting with version 0.11.0, the meta blocks should be YAML blocks.

Last updated on 14th Sep 2016