Updating Raneto

The update process for Raneto is as follows:

  1. Make a backup of your content folder and your config.js outside of your project.

  2. (Optional) If you have edited the template, backup the following paths:

    • the themes/default/ folder
    • any edited files in the public folder
  3. Download the latest version of Raneto from the releases page.

  4. Extract the Raneto archive to your project folder, replacing all existing files in your existing Raneto install.

  5. Copy your content folder and config.js file from your backup location back into the install location.

  6. (Optional) If you have edited the template, copy your backed up themes/default/ and public folders to the install location.

  7. From the root of your project, run:

    npm update
  8. To build the docs, run:

    npm start

You are running the lastest version of Raneto.

Last updated on 25th Sep 2022