Production Notes

When running a live site you'll want to set the PORT env variable to 80 so you don't need to add :3000 to the URL. This requires root privileges and is not recommended.

Instead it is preferred to use a reverse proxy for security reasons. Heroku and other services handle this for you, but you can implement your own reverse proxy with Nginx or Apache. See Related Projects for deployment scripts to use on your own servers

Listening Port

You can change the listening port anytime by setting the environment variable in your shell's profile, or running in-line as below: $ PORT=1234 npm start

Listening Host Address / IP


Raneto listens only to localhost ( traffic by default now (v0.17.0).
This is to prevent unintended exposure and access of your documentation.
Previous versions before v0.17.0 would bind to all IP addresses, which could accidentally make documents available on the public internet.


To override the default IP host, please look above at an Nginx reverse proxy to access or you can manually set the IP Host (private or public) setting the Environment Variable HOST somewhere.
$ HOST= npm start

Last updated on 25th Sep 2022