By default pages and categories are sorted alphabetically. To manually sort pages and categories please follow the instructions below.

Sorting Pages

To manually sort pages you have to add a Sort item to the page meta. For example:

Title: Sorting
Sort: 4

The value of Sort should be an index integer. This page will now appear after any other pages with a sort index of 3 or less, and before any pages with a sort index on 5 or more. If a page doesn't have a sort index set, it will default to 0.

You can change the meta value used for sorting by changing the page_sort_meta option in config.js.

Sorting Categories

To manually sort categories you have to add a file called sort (with no extension) in the category folder. The content of the file should simply be an index integer. Sorting will occur the same way as it does for pages. If no sort file exists the category will have a sort index of 0.

Note that top level files (i.e. files without a category) will be in an "index" category with a sort value of 0, so it makes sense to order your category indexes starting at 1.

You can disable manual category sorting by setting the category_sort option in config.js to false. This effectively forces the default alphabetical sorting.

Last updated on 25th Feb 2020