Updating Raneto

The update process for Raneto is as follows:

  • Make a backup of your content folder and your config.js. Copy these files somewhere else
  • If you have edited the template you may also need to backup the themes/default/ folder and anything you have edited in the public folder
  • Download the latest version of Raneto from the releases page
  • Extract the Raneto zip/tar.gz and overwrite all of the files in your existing Raneto install, replacing all files and folders
  • Copy your content folder and config.js file from your backup location back into the install location
  • If you have edited the template then copy your custom themes/default/ and public files back as well
  • Run npm update from the root of your install
  • Restart node (npm start) and you should be running the new version of Raneto
Last updated on 25th Feb 2020